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PASSS has been actively articulating and practising a 'bottom to top' approach in project planning through it's micro-level organisations. To translate the conceptual spirit into definite plans of action, key functionaries of PASSS and community leaders from the micro-level organisations have undergone extensive training on Participatory Techniques to make the ‘people-centred’ interventions more effective. A massive Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercise was launched in all the districts covered by PASSS from 1995 onwards to sensitise the community to the potentials of participatory analysis, identification of Local issues / resource gaps, address the issue of resource mobilisation, design Participatory Implementation and Evaluation methods, involving in Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), Participatory Technology Development (PTD) etc.


  • Budding And Grafting - Nursery Mangement
  • Poultry Reapring Trainings
  • Participatary Roral Apprisal - PRA
  • Participatary Learning And Action - PLA
  • Study Reports For Panchayath Raj
  • Projects Reports Preparing For Panchayat
  • Wel Recharging - Programms
  • Rain Water Harvesting System

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