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About Pazhakulam Social Service Society-PASSS

Pazhakulam Social Service Society (popularly known as PASSS), is a secular, Non-Governmental, Social organisation promoting development support activities to the weaker sections in the rural areas of Kerala, since 1980.

PASSS has been actively articulating and practising a `bottom to top’ approach in project planning through it’s micro-level organisations. To translate the conceptual spirit into definite plans of action, key functionaries of PASSS and community leaders from the micro-level organisations have undergone extensive training on Participatory Techniques to make the `people-centred’ interventions more effective. A massive Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercise was launched in all the districts covered by PASSS from 1995 onwards to sensitise the community to the potentials of participatory analysis, identification of local issues/resource gaps, address the issue of resource mobilisation, design Participatory Implementation and Evaluation methods, involving in Participatory Learning through Action (PLA), Participatory Development of Technologies (PTD) etc.

Location: Headquarters of PASSS is located at Pazhakulam village about 5kms. West of Adoor town in Pathanamthitta District , Kerala.

Legal Status:

1. Act under which registered : Tranvancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955
2. Registration No. & Year : Q 489/84
3. Place of Registration : Kollam
4. Regn. U/S 12A (a) of Income Tax Act 1961 : C. No. DDIT (EO) QLN.11/98-99
5. Permanent Ac. No (PAN) Income Tax Dept : AAA TP 3079 J
6. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (FCRA) Registration No : 052930035/85 dated 13.03.1985
7. Regn. U/S 80 G of the Income tax Act : C. No. 302/DDIT{E}/14/2002-03 dtd. 08.12.03
8. Regn.U/S 69 of the Finance Act,1994 : 18/KLYM-II/ST/StC/2003-04 dated. 04.03.04
9. Accredition in Tribal Development activities : Order No.D2. 7563/04 dtd. 24.04. 05


Shri. T.A. George kutty, Thannivilayil House, Pazhakulam P.O. was the President of this organization from 1984 -2008 May, till his resignation, due to serious health problems. During his period several developments such as construction of buildings, new projects, starting of Plant Nursery, implementation of Hatchery etc. His service is gratefully acknowledged. After his resignation Shri. C.M. John, Charuvilayil Puthenveedu, Meloodu P.O. elected as president till his death on 23-10- 2015. Then Shri P. Raju, Vanchakottu Puthenveedu, Meloodu P.O. elected as President and he is continuing in the chair. Shri. M.G. Raju, Mavilayil House is the Secretary of this organization from June 2000 onwards.


Pazhakulam Social Service Society – PASSS is a secular Voluntary Organization registered on August 8, 1984 under the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955. Registration number is Q/489/84.(Copy of the Registration Certificate enclosed)

Functions Started

This society started function from 01.01.1981 onwards. But as a registered organization, this society started function only after 08.08.1984, even though the activities started earlier.

Our Vision

PASSS dreams a bright future through better communal harmony and sustainable development of the society irrespective of cast, creed, community, religion, language etc.

Our Mission

Improvement of the socio-economic condition of the rural population of India.


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